Profile Cutting

Here at Harrison Industries we are able to CNC Plasma Cut Profiles in house.

With fast turnaround and repeated accuracy. 

Using the latest plasma cutting technology from Hypertherm coupled with the most up to date machine CNC technology from Swift-cut we are able to cut profiles to the highest of standards.


The working envelope of the machine is 1250 x 2500mm and up to a maximum thickness of 30mm mild steel  


Our machine is equipped with some of the latest nesting software which gains the most from every sheet of material.

Along with nesting software we have dedicated pricing, weight and time of cut software to allow us to provide accurate quotes and delivery times.

The most common file to work from is a DXF (drawing exchange file) but we are more than capable to work from a simple pencil and paper drawing.

The other option is drop a part/profile in with us and we can copy it directly.

Email your files directly to the email address below ""

Along with plasma cutting capabilities our machine is fitted with an engraving head.

The engraving head particularly comes into its own when multiple profiles are being cut as each profile can be engraved with a part/profile number/name for ease of identification.

It is also used for marking centres and lines for use when attaching adjoining parts, or for outlines and extra finishings.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any more information